42 Reasons to Hate the Universe By Chris Ferrie, Wade David Fairclough,

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If you’ve always suspected the universe was out to get you . . . you were right!

Yes, the universe we live in is cosmically beautiful and mysterious and all that crap. But it’s also a bit of an asshole. After all, remember that you are just a group of atoms structured in a specific way for barely long enough to try to understand this thing we call existence. Those atoms could just have easily been used to make the dog shit you’re cleaning off your shoe or the mold that grows on your bread! The fact is, when you zoom out to look at the universe and how it functions, you’ll see that it’s usually not in our favor, and many of the laws of physics are actively working against our survival. In this book, you’ll discover why you’re an aging mutant; invisible rays are melting our genetic code; literally everything is poisonous; and more true and terrifying scientific facts!

But don’t worry! While it’s true that there are (at least) forty-two grudges to hold against the universe, the good news is that there is also one very good reason to forgive them all and embrace the wild, improbable fact that we are alive (for now) and we should take advantage of it while we can. 42 Reasons to Hate the Universe: And One Reason Not To is a hilarious, no-holds-barred exploration of all the reasons we shouldn’t exist—but somehow do anyway.

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