Acupressure with Essential Oils

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Merina Ty-Kisera

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Merina Ty-Kisera


5 hrs and 59 mins

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Discover the healing powers of pairing essential oils with ancient acupressure techniques in this holistic self-care guide for treating 24 common ailments such as cold/flu, migraines, and muscular aches and pains.

Fast, easy, and fun, Acupressure with Essential Oils empowers you to take control of your health to dissolve tension patterns, relieve symptoms and pain, and rediscover an integrated sense of self. Author Merina Ty-Kisera introduces her unique Aroma Acupressure method for self-care—applying the healing properties of essential oils to points on the body that cue energetic changes to bring the body and mind back to balance.

Including simple routines for relief of common ailments such as cold/flu symptoms, digestive issues, muscular aches and migraines, Acupressure with Essential Oils also provides care for uplifting emotions and rejuvenating the mind. Learn daily practices to soothe a racing mind, ease into restful sleep, and lift fatigue caused by burnout and stress.

The results—in as little as five minutes—can be complete relief as well as feeling more centered, calm, alert, and fully present, offering a powerful new dimension to healing the self and others. With helpful illustrations and a user-friendly layout for quick reference, this guide will help you improve your quality of life—without big lifestyle changes.

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