Breathe Like a Badass

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Hannah Jane Thompson

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Henrietta Meire


6 hrs and 35 mins

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Breathe Like a Badass is a no-BS guide to creating a life-changing, burnout-busting emotional toolkit—one breath at a time. Want to quieten your inner critic, rediscover your inner badass, and build a successful, freedom-filled life you love? Then BREATHE.

Hannah Jane Thompson is on a mission to help ambitious-but-anxious women like you banish patterns of self-sabotage.

This down-to-earth guide teaches you how to start—and stick to—a non-woo woo meditation habit (no chakras or chunks of rose quartz here, sorry) that will help calm anxiety, beat self-doubt, and build a focused, fulfilled, and happy life.

Using scientifically proven mindfulness, meditation, and self-reflection techniques, Hannah will help you turn your inner critic from b*tch to badass and create an emotional toolkit to use when life gets tough.

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