Chalgathi: An Apocalypse LitRPG

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Jay Aaseng


14 hrs and 45 mins

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When Earth gets integrated into the vast expanse of a new multiverse, one young man is game to survive—it’s in his blood—in this apocalyptic adventure.

Everyone becomes prey when Earth is swallowed up and transmuted to a bestial landscape, the first stage of induction into Elysium’s multiverse and a new galaxy in the making. In the blink of any eye, the bloodthirsty creatures of Riven Thane’s worst nightmares are unleashed as he; his sister, Allie; and his friend Jose scramble amid the carnage to live another hour.

But on this nothing of a planet, Riven is more special than he knows. He’s among a select few with a singular bloodline, and the Elysium system has its eye on Riven in particular. He’s already proven his unbeatable will to survive. Now, untapped powers can be his should he succeed at what the multiverse has in store for him.

World be damned, let the games begin: challenging trials of stamina, labyrinthine mazes, and mind-bending puzzles requiring sharp wit and quick thinking. Each consecutive win will bring Riven nearer to an unimaginable undertaking . . . a personalized tutorial in the dungeons of hell itself. And it’s just the beginning—Riven is about to unlock the secrets of his past and learn more about his purpose and the dark arts than he ever imagined.

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