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Michael Roberts

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Michael Roberts, Dave Stokes


8 hrs and 47 mins

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Do you ignore your own warning signs sometimes, and then pay the price?

Ever shut up when you needed to speak up and regretted it for years?

Ever had to live with consequences you should have seen coming?

Only listen to this book if you’re choosing to grow yourself.

Choose spotlights a simple truth: Our best selves do not come from being given the answers; they live in the questions we ask ourselves, of others, and of life itself.

This books presents a simple system for making better decisions so that you can thrive in this risky world of the 2020s. Easy to understand, it’s intended to spark personally challenging questions, like:

What’s life truly about for you?

How can you live a safer, more successful, and more enjoyable life, starting now?

How can you make better choices while having fun and living life to the fullest?

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