Christmas After All

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Cece Louise

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Andy Garcia-Ruse, Neal Arango


4 hrs and 49 mins

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As if ruining my life wasn’t enough, now he’s back to ruin my Christmas.


The only thing I hate more than Christmas is Tucker James—the guy who wrote a song about me after I turned him down in high school.

He became famous. I became infamous.

With Tucker back in town to play at the annual winter festival, this Christmas is shaping up to be one of the worst. Everyone in Halften loves the country music star who put our town on the map.

Everyone except me.


Years ago, I wrote a not-so-flattering song about the girl I had a crush on in high school.

It became my first number-one hit. And made her the laughingstock of our hometown.

Now I’m back in Halften, and it’s pretty clear the only thing Melissa Ellis wants for Christmas is me out of her life.

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