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You Are a Badass meets Grit in this powerhouse guide to overcoming your fear and finding the confidence within—from Christie’s ambassador and author of the “insightful, inspiring” (New York Journal of BooksThe Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You.

“How do I become more confident?” is the question Lydia Fenet hears almost every time she speaks to women across the country.

Many of us have forgotten what it feels like to trust ourselves, if we ever knew at all. But that can all change today. From Lydia Fenet, the world’s leading charity auctioneer and author of The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is YouClaim Your Confidence is a powerful guide to overcoming your fear and finding the confidence within.

Navigating a two-decade career at the world’s leading auction house while raising three children, Lydia had her own journey of learning self-assurance. Through stories of overcoming challenges in both her work and personal lives, she demonstrates that confidence isn’t something that only some people are born with; rather, it’s inside every one of us, waiting to be claimed. Lydia provides powerful tools anyone at any phase of their life can use. Claim Your Confidence offers case studies, insights, and advice on how to:

– Harness the Power of Positivity

– Slam Your Imposter Syndrome

– Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

– Grow Your Mindset

And more!

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