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Zhamak Dehghani

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Zura Johnson


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We’re at an inflection point in data, where our data management solutions no longer match the complexity of organizations, the proliferation of data sources, and the scope of our aspirations to get value from data with AI and analytics. In this practical book, Zhamak Dehghani introduces data mesh, a decentralized sociotechnical paradigm drawn from modern distributed architecture that provides a new approach to sourcing, sharing, accessing, and managing analytical data at scale.

Dehghani guides practitioners, architects, technical leaders, and decision makers on their journey from traditional big data architecture to a distributed and multidimensional approach to analytical data management. Data mesh treats data as a product, considers domains as a primary concern, applies platform thinking to create self-serve data infrastructure, and introduces a federated computational model of data governance.

– Get a complete introduction to data mesh principles and its constituents

– Design a data mesh architecture

– Guide a data mesh strategy and execution

– Navigate organizational design to a decentralized data ownership model

– Move beyond traditional data warehouses and lakes to a distributed data mesh

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