Everything Is Out of Syllabus

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Varun Duggirala

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Varun Duggirala


4 hrs and 38 mins

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Life seldom comes with an instruction manual or a guidebook. It’s often messy and unpredictable too. While our education may prepare us for situations covered within its set syllabus, most of life happens outside this realm and this leaves us grappling with questions around work, life and everything in between.

Hence, this book.

Varun Duggirala has survived and thrived in a system that throws curveballs at us without the tools to actually overcome them. In Everything Is Out of Syllabus, he offers answers to important questions like:

What is the true meaning of success?

How can one become more creative and think outside the box?

How can we connect with people, including ourselves?

And much more.

Most importantly, he tells listeners what are the skills one needs to master to live a more fulfilled life that is optimized for happiness.

Full of anecdotal wisdom, this book is partly funny, mostly reflective, and completely authentic. Everything Is Out of Syllabus is a must hear for anyone who is trying to understand life and figure out their own roadmap to navigate it.

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