Eyes Up!

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TJ Kostecky

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TJ Kostecky


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Eyes Up! is an inspiring guide to leading a richer, more successful life by expanding your vision to take in more of the world around you, and discover deeper purpose and meaning.

TJ Kostecky’s Vision Training, a program that has empowered superstar soccer players around the world to make smarter decisions by expanding their field of vision, offers critical value to anyone who knows that so many life lessons are learned on the playing field.

In Eyes Up!, Kostecky lays the groundwork for you to shift your lens by focusing on the 5 Ps—Perceive, Process, Plan, Perform, and Persist. With that expanded perspective, you’ll learn seven key principles to transform your life and the lives of others through your leadership: see the whole field; look, listen, learn; play the game the right way; make everyone around you better; discover the joy of the game; believe in the team; and see beyond the game.

By bringing Kostecky’s Vision Training to bear on life beyond the field, this book coaches you through making small shifts in your perspective that have major impact, helping you recognize new and unique opportunities in all aspects of life leading to more career, family, and spiritual fulfillment.

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