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Kelly Mass

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Doug Greene


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This is a combo of three different topics, which are the following:

Topic 1, Lourdes: You may have heard of Lourdes, a town in France where millions of people go every year, either as a tourist to take pictures or see what the hype is all about, or real believers who think that the town has a sanctity to it and can somehow cure them, help them, or inspire them through divine means. Whatever the reason for the many visitors is, it is undeniably an interesting historical heritage site, something worth exploring.

Topic 2, the Gauls: This is a book about a people that has often been overlooked. Wallowing in the shadow of the seemingly almighty Romans, and dispersed throughout the ages into other peoples, the Gauls appear as if they had nothing going for them. Quite the opposite is true. The Gauls had a distinct culture, with habits, warfare, and so much more to offer to the intrigued historian and everyday researcher.

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