History of the Caribbean

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Almost everyone knows The Bahamas and Jamaica are in the Caribbean. But what do you really know about those countries?

The history of the Caribbean is an exciting ride, but few outside of the region know much about it in depth beyond Columbus’s discovery. This audiobook will lead you through the history of the region, which witnessed some of the world’s most important events. We will begin with Christopher Columbus’s accidental discovery and the race for control over the islands of the Caribbean.

The land grabs led to war and colonization, making this once-peaceful region a more violent place. In time, most of the Caribbean islands pushed back, declaring independence. But did that make things better for these island nations? Or is there still much work to be done?

If you are curious about learning the answers to these questions and more about the exciting history of this beautiful region, keep listening. This audiobook has a ton of interesting information, including:

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