How We Grow Through What We Go Through

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Christopher Willard PsyD

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Kent Klineman


4 hrs and 19 mins

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Turn your everyday experiences into a source of strength with the easy-to-learn practices in this uplifting guide to post-traumatic growth.

Trauma pervades every aspect of our lives, particularly in recent years between climate change, social justice issues, the coronavirus pandemic, and more. But the truth is that post-traumatic growth, rather than post-traumatic stress, is not only possible but probable. In this book, you’ll discover the conditions and compassionate practices that make growth and resilience possible, including: how to regulate your nervous system by regulating your breath and body; trauma-informed self-compassion practices that make you more resilient to the world around you; skills to set boundaries to aid in your healing; and dozens of other ways to turn your difficult experiences toward growth.

Simple and to the point, each chapter offers practices, self-assessments, enlightening science facts, and advice for the real world.

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