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Mike Esterday, Derek Roberts

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Mike Esterday, Derek Roberts


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Sales success begins with yourself.

You can’t sell without listening to your customers—and yourself. In Listen to Sell, sales coaches Mike Esterday and Derek Roberts draw on their decades of industry experience to reveal the conversations, mindset, and skillset needed to amplify your sales confidence and bring purpose back to your customer relationships. 

As executives at the Nashville-based Integrity Solutions, Esterday and Roberts have crafted a proprietary sales coaching program that has helped clients in 130 countries and multiple industries, from financial services to manufacturing to healthcare. Their unique sales philosophy is rooted in a values-based, customer-centered approach, where authentic business relationships matter above all else.

With self-analysis exercises and customized strategies, you’ll learn how your mindset—which encompasses your attitude, what you believe about yourself, and the confidence you have to succeed—is the foundation of top sales performance. You’ll then learn how to hone your skillset—the daily tools and tactics that make or break sales—by creating a personal sales plan and taking action in your immediate environment and beyond. In addition to real-world success stories demonstrating the concepts’ practical application, each chapter ends with a Coaching Corner segment that supports your growth.

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