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Jordanna Levin

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Jordanna Levin


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For decades, you’ve been sold spiritual solutions and personal development that relies on mastering techniques and habits in order to ‘fix’ yourself. But what if the tools you’ve been searching for have been there inside you all along?  

Following Jordanna’s very funny and sometimes painfully honest personal journey of self-discovery in the best-selling Make It Happen, this is a practical guide to discovering who you really are and manifesting your best self. It’s your backstage pass to the ups and downs that inevitably come with doing the ‘work’.  

Whether you’re a self-help novice, spiritually curious or have sat in more ceremonial circles than you can poke a smudge stick at, you’ll enjoy this warm, witty and relatable deep dive into what it means to become fully self-aware, and the outrageous things we’ll put ourselves through while trying to find out!

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