Melody of Mana 4: A Progression Fantasy

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Wandering Agent

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Reba Buhr


8 hrs and 46 mins

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Bardic mage and otherworlder Alana takes on sea monsters, secrets, and her own past as this captivating series blending epic fantasy and isekai continues.

It’s been almost two decades since Alana woke up from an accident on Earth to find herself transported into the body of a child in the kingdom of Bergond. In that time, she’s faced war and famine, deadly political plots and dull courtly traditions, magical mayhem and romantic entanglements, and she’s thrived through it all. Newly graduated from magic school, she’s ready for her next adventure: a quest to uncover long-buried secrets that will take her far from the city of Lithere and deep into the kingdom of the elves.

Only, Alana’s long voyage isn’t without its own set of complications. Between an encounter with a hurricane whale, a run-in with goblins, and less-than-friendly greetings upon reaching her destination, Alana’s cunning and spellcasting prowess are taxed from the moment she steps on the ship to leave her homeland. But none of those trials compare to what she will find when she lands in Atali: an ancient power that could forever transform Bergond—and a startling connection to a life Alana thought she’d all but left behind . . .

With swashbuckling action on the high seas as well as the blend of politics, friendship, and intrigue that has defined the series thus far, Melody of Mana 4 is a must-hear chapter in this irresistible progressive fantasy.

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