Metabolism Makeover

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Megan Hansen

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Megan Hansen


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We’ve been taught by the diet industry that the key to weight-loss success is eating less and exercising more. Both research and experience have proven this theory wrong. Yet we continue to count calories, eliminate carbs, track macronutrients, and cut out entire food groups because the only thing scarier than failing at another diet is trusting ourselves enough not to be on one at all.

It’s time to ditch the diet and learn how our bodies actually work. In Metabolism Makeover, registered dietitian nutritionist Megan Hansen strips away the complexity and confusion surrounding dieting and replaces them with a simple framework that will give you the tools to:

Your body knows how to lose weight and keep it off—you just haven’t been given the owner’s manual yet. Metabolism Makeover empowers you to regain control of your appetite, mindset, and life.

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