Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods

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Jason Mankey, Astrea Taylor

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Rebecca Mitchell


12 hrs and 33 mins

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From Zeus and Hephaestus to Hades and Persephone, this book reveals the origins of nearly thirty Greek gods and goddesses, how they’ve been worshipped across the centuries, and how you can work with them in your own practice. Jason Mankey and Astrea Taylor introduce you to the gods one by one, presenting their history, unique correspondences, and a ritual or spell for connecting with them. You’ll also enjoy insightful contributions from members of the Witchcraft community who actively work with these deities. Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods features other mythological figures as well, such as the Titans and Primordial Forces, and it explores the spell and ritual structures of ancient times. Everything you want to know about Greek gods and how to call upon them today is in this book.

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