Momma Cusses

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Gwenna Laithland

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Abbi Laithland, Gwenna Laithland


7 hrs and 54 mins

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With the same authentic and snarky style that her millions of TikTok fans love, “parenting unexpert” Gwenna Laithland narrates her way through hilarious real-life parenting scenarios.

This program is read by the author, with a foreword read by her daughter.

Join the millions of fans who love Momma Cusses, TikTok’s #1 Parenting Unexpert!

There are lots of experts out there who will tell you they have the magic recipe to raising perfect humans. Gwenna Laithland is not one of them. She’s one of us. Frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Her relatable representation of parenthood validates our experiences. In Momma Cusses, Gwenna uses her signature style of snark and sarcasm to explain her interpretation of responsive parenting vs. reactive parenting and outline the steps she takes to raise her kids. Whether you are a parent or someone who has had a parent, we all need to learn how to handle our emotional spirals responsively.

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