My Seven Black Fathers

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Will Jawando

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Will Jawando


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This program is read by the author, Will Jawando, who has been called “the progressive leader we need” by the late congressman John Lewis

“Will Jawando’s account of mentorship, service, and healing lays waste to the racist stereotype of the absent Black father. By arguing that Black fathers are not just found in individual families, but are indeed the treasure of entire Black communities, Will makes the case for a bold idea: that Black men can counter racist ideas and policies by virtue of their presence in the lives of Black boys and young men. This is a story we need to hear.”—New York Times–bestselling author Ibram X. Kendi

My Seven Black Fathers: The Men Who Made Me Whole is a call to action for Black men to step forward and mentor Black boys. Will Jawando is the beneficiary of such mentoring. He calls himself the proud son of not one but seven Black fathers—all of them men who changed the course of his life.

As a boy, Will, who went by his Nigerian name Yemi, felt awkward and alone as he was shunted from school to school in suburban Maryland. His mother was divorced, his relationship with his biological father was frayed, and he lost his best friend to gun violence. Without his Black fathers, each one contributing something profound to his character and enlarging his sense of life’s possibilities, he surely would not have become the man he is today—civil rights and education policy attorney, county councilman, husband, father.

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