Never Not Working

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Malissa Clark

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Lauren Pedersen


5 hrs and 19 mins

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Many workers believe that to compete with other top talent they must embrace a culture that rewards long hours and constant connection to work. Businesses and society have encouraged this by endorsing busyness, overwork, and extreme commitment as the most valued traits in workers. Sometimes that endorsement is explicit, as when Elon Musk told Twitter employees to work “long hours at high intensity” or get fired. But more often it’s an implicit contract, a buildup of organizational and cultural norms and the adoption of new technologies that increasingly make it easy to tether people to work.

Either way, this workaholic behavior is unhealthy and counterproductive for workers and for organizations. It’s time to fight back. Malissa Clark shows you how in Never Not Working. Clark delivers a comprehensive definition of workaholism, busting myths along the way—such as the idea that the number of hours worked is the strongest predictor of workaholic tendencies. (It’s not.) She also helps you see if you’re creating workaholics in your organization or if you’re falling prey to the phenomenon yourself.

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