Not Drinking Tonight

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Amanda E. White LPC

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Amanda E. White LPC, Suehyla El-Attar


6 hrs and 42 mins

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In this honest discussion of mental health, the founder of Therapy for Women explores our reasons for drinking alcohol – and the benefits of taking a break.

When “retired party girl” and popular therapist Amanda White admitted she was an alcoholic, it wasn’t because she’d done something outrageous while under the influence, like land herself in jail or get married in Vegas. It was because she realized three things: 

Something needed to change – not just her relationship with alcohol, but her relationship with herself.

Choosing not to drink can be daunting. It’s everywhere in our culture, our socializing, and our destressing. And it can seem black or white: You drink or you don’t (and if you don’t, people ask why). That’s where Not Drinking Tonight comes in. Judgement-free and relatable, Amanda helps you unpack your relationship with alcohol by showing you how to: 

Not Drinking Tonight isn’t a program to stop drinking. It’s the first book to help you address the root issues that cause you to reach for a drink and create a life you love – one that is not perfect but is messy and real and one you are fully present for.

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