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Sarah Stewart Holland, Beth Silvers

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Sarah Stewart Holland, Beth Silvers


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From friendships to Facebook to far-off countries, what do we do when our lives seem mired in conflict? How do we find connection when our differences are constantly on display and even exacerbated by algorithms and echo chambers? How do we build a kinder society?

If you are tired of the anxiety, frustration, and fear that pervade your connections with other people, both online and in real life, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers want you to know one thing—you are not alone. In this book they will help you understand the powerful connections you have with other people on a personal, community-based, national, and even international level. Then they show you how to engage your family with a spirit of curiosity; listen closely to the anxieties and fears of your friends; explore shared values within your community; understand your work as a citizen in a diverse country; and hold lightly those things that are beyond your control around the world.

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