Relentless Caring

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William H. McGill Jr.

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Danny Campbell


6 hrs and 38 mins

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This guide details an approach to leadership focused on caring about the well-being of others.

As founder and executive chairman of MarineMax and with kindness as his True North, William H. McGill Jr. helped transform the company from a small disparate group of boat dealers into a highly profitable $2 billion global conglomerate.

In Relentless Caring, McGill shares what he’s learned about how to truly care about others 24/7 and generate solid profits at the same time. Listeners will learn: why having the right people in the right jobs matters; how to find the right team members and take care of them and their families, including providing high-quality, low-cost health care; why long-term thinking is essential for success; why persistence, consistency, and risk are essential for growth; and why investing in basic tools like personality profiling and a structured hiring and promotions system contribute to making the right decisions.

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