Six-Figure Side Hustle

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Rachel Rodgers

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Rachel Rodgers


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Rachel Rodgers, financial maven and heralded author of We Should All Be Millionaires, has created a groundbreaking new Audible Original series with Six Figure Side Hustle. In this installment of a dynamic three-part audio journey, Rachel unveils the blueprint for turning spare time into a $100,000-per-year side hustle in just three months. Six Figure Side Hustle is a confident, bold, and unapologetic guide for entrepreneurs on the path to financial and emotional well-being. With a captivating blend of motivation and expertise, Rachel guides listeners through the intricacies of leveraging their skills, optimizing their time, and turning their passions into wealth.

This empowering series celebrates diversity, providing a road map for folks from historically excluded communities to attain financial prosperity previously perceived as out of reach. Rachel’s step-by-step process and commitment to her listeners showcase that wealth is not an exclusive club; it’s open to all, regardless of background. Learn how to break down financial barriers with Rachel’s proven tools and methods of success. Six Figure Side Hustle is about rewriting your financial story.

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