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Rob Bier

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Rob Bier


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Why do some businesses “fail to scale”? Smooth Scaling offers a clear diagnosis, along with twenty practical Rituals to boost your organization’s performance and achieve frictionless growth. Where other books on scaling focus on strategy, fundraising, or product-market fit, Smooth Scaling addresses the most pervasive and least-understood fail point that threatens to kneecap even the best-laid scaling plan: organizational friction.

Expert Rob Bier reveals why organizational frictions take hold as you grow and how they slow your company down. These growth pains are both predictable and preventable, yet they almost always take leaders by surprise. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Until now, there’s been no resource to guide executives through this challenge. As a result, they end up playing “Whack-a-Mole,” reacting to a never-ending stream of organizational, team, and people problems one at a time—only for new ones to crop up. Smooth Scaling addresses this gap, presenting a proven approach based on real-life experience and application.

Drawing on his extensive experience building high-performance organizations, Bier has created twenty foundational Rituals that integrate seamlessly into the daily habits of your company. These Rituals make your organization as frictionless as possible, allowing you to scale faster—and more sustainably—than ever before.

In Smooth Scaling, you will learn how to:

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