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Marc Roche

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James Walmsley


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Speak-ology: How to Speak with Confidence, Fluency & Eloquence- Fluent Speaking Skills & Smart Language for Highly Effective Communication +349 Expert Speaking Templates, Phrases & Idioms for Professional Communication in English.

What will I learn? Discover the Power of Words. Master Clear Thinking and Language for Impactful Communication. Learn to Structure Your Thoughts for Effective Speaking. Learn to speak fluently with strategic exercises. Learn how to be more articulate in every conversation.

Explore how to be eloquent and transmit unmatched confidence. Use our detailed English pronunciation chart for flawless speech. Speak with Full Confidence: Learn how highly effective people speak and mimic their techniques. Achieve Clarity and Respect in Professional Conversations. Learn How to Create Powerful Descriptions for Impactful Communication. Make your messages memorable. Improve your communication for effective workplace conversations. Learn How to Answer Difficult Questions like an expert. How to Transform Serious Mistakes into Career Victories. Includes 349 Expert Speaking Templates, Phrases, and Idioms for Professional Communication in English.

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