The Battle of Kings Mountain

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Robert M. Dunkerly

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Tom Beyer


5 hrs and 55 mins

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A pivotal moment in American history, as told by our forefathers

On October 7, 1780, American Patriot and Loyalist soldiers battled each other at Kings Mountain, near the border of North and South Carolina. With over one hundred eyewitness accounts, this collection of participant statements from men of both sides includes letters and statements in their original form—the soldiers’ own words—unedited and unabridged. 

Rife with previously unpublished details of this historic turning point in the American Revolution, described as the war’s “largest all-American fight,” these accounts expose the dramatic happenings of the battle, including new perspectives on the debate over Patriot Colonel William Campbell’s bravery during the fight. Robert M. Dunkerley’s work is an invaluable resource to historians studying the flow of combat, genealogists tracing their ancestors, and anyone interested in Kings Mountain and the Southern Campaign.

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