The Big Stick

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Tony Endelman, Dr. Robert Glover

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Todd McLaren


14 hrs and 12 mins

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In the world of self-improvement, there is perhaps no other book that has impacted the lives of men as profoundly as Dr. Robert Glover’s No More Mr. Nice Guy. Published in 2003, it has been a beacon of hope for countless men who have struggled to find fulfillment in life and in love; and it continues to be passed around by practitioners and recommended on reading lists as the definitive work on modern male behavior. Loyal followers of Dr. Glover might also be familiar with his other books, online courses, and podcast recordings. The Big Stick pulls from all of it and more.

Written by Tony Endelman, a popular self-help blogger and one of Dr. Glover’s elite certified coaches, The Big Stick encapsulates nearly forty years of Dr. Glover’s groundbreaking work as a marriage and family therapist, a dating and relationship coach, an educator, a public speaker, and pioneer in men’s self-improvement.

The Big Stick is truly a man’s guide to (almost) everything, from dating and relationships to career success and happiness. You’ll learn how to: overcome Nice Guy Syndrome; become more attractive; develop interpersonal skills; live with integrity; improve your dating skills; navigate relationships and marriage; heal sexual shame; overcome heartbreak; deal with infidelity; discover your passions and purpose; experience more joy; and so much more.

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