The Boys and Me

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Mark Miller

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Mark Miller


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The Boys and Me is the behind-the-scenes, untold story of front man and lead singer Mark Miller and his band—country music icons Sawyer Brown!

Before The Voice and American Idol, there was Star Search with Ed McMahon. In the first season, an eclectic and charismatic country-rock band called Sawyer Brown appeared on the show, taking America by storm. From ignored underdogs in Nashville to overnight rock stars from LA to New York, they swept the competition and won. Since 1984, “the boys”‘ legendary live shows, along with their relentless drive to stay true to themselves, have captivated faithful fans around the world.

As front man and lead singer of the band, Mark Miller’s rise to fame wasn’t exactly the path he envisioned for himself. After losing his father, Mark was raised by his mom whose solid faith and strong work ethic helped guide and shape him and his brother, Frank. With his sights set on playing pro basketball, Mark never dreamed of becoming an entertainer, especially considering he was terrified to stand on a stage. But God had a different plan. Now, forty years later, Sawyer Brown has eighteen studio albums to their name, multiple No. 1 singles, fifty-plus songs charting on the Billboard Hot Country Songs, and legendary award-winning videos. And they have no plans of stopping anytime soon. The band’s longevity is a testament to their strong songwriting, high-energy performances, and hard work.

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