The Courage to Be True

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Tina Ruysseveldt

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Ellen Shantz


8 hrs and 18 mins

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In this stunning tale of life and living, Tina Ruysseveldt redefines the meaning of self-care as she takes you on the journey she has travelled as both the patient and the health care professional to the other side of both addictions and cancer.

By sharing her story and her truth, the listener is both challenged and assisted as they embark on their own destined path of wellness. This book represents her effort to share what she has learned and as a roadmap to help listeners grow and evolve as they find their own courage to be true, and set their best self free.                           

Tina Ruysseveldt’s rise from a neglected childhood in an abusive alcoholic home to a career as a respected Canadian nurse is a breath-taking tribute to the power of the human spirit.

Told with rigorous honesty, this memoir takes listeners on Tina’s gripping journey through her life of substance abuse and then, ultimately, towards a state of wellbeing she would have considered unimaginable in her youth.

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