The Glass Cliff

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Sophie Williams

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Sophie Williams


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Every current and aspiring leader needs to read this book’ – Helen Tupper & Sarah Ellis, Sunday Times bestselling authors of The Squiggly Career and You Coach You

‘Clever, brilliantly researched and vitally important’ – Dawn O’Porter, bestselling author of The Cows and Cat Lady

The audiobook is read by the author and features an exclusive interview with Charlotte Cowan, Head of People and Culture and Shakespeare’s Globe.

The Glass Cliff is a conversation about what happens when women break the rules, and break through The Glass Ceiling.

Have you ever wondered why there are so few success stories of women in business leadership? Or maybe you’ve wondered what life is really like on the other side of The Glass Ceiling? The world of work is supposedly changing, embracing diversity – yet are the opportunities we’re giving to women really equal to those of men?

Drawing on almost 20 years of research from around the world, The Glass Cliff phenomenon – whereby women are often only hired in leadership roles when a business is already underperforming, meaning their chances of success are limited before they ever even start in the role – is well established, but little known. Until now.

This is the story of The Glass Cliff: a story of a structural inequality disguising itself as the personal failures of women. When Sophie Williams gave her viral TED talk on the subject, she was subsequently flooded with accounts of confident, accomplished women who had taken what seemed like a dream leadership role only to quickly find themselves in a waking nightmare. Without the language to describe their experiences they had been left blaming themselves. But learning about The Glass Cliff enabled them to reframe and reexamine what they’d gone through.

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