The Happiness Story

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Savi Sharma

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Rea Malhotra Mukhtyar


6 hrs and 53 mins

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What if happiness isn’t a distant dream, but a choice within your reach?

Is there an effective way to tackle being demotivated by an intimidating world?

Are you ready to abandon the fruitless quest for fleeting joy and discover the pleasure of being always content?

Having enthralled millions with her captivating novels, bestselling author Savi Sharma answers the most searched question of our times: How do I achieve lasting happiness?

Packed with true stories that are as moving as they are enriching, this uplifting book will inspire you to pursue your passions, fuel your ambitions and script your own destiny. Savi’s transformative insights and practical tips will lead you towards experiencing bliss and peace every single day, independent of your circumstances.

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