The Heart of a Superfan

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Nav Bhatia

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Sukhman Gill, Nav Bhatia


8 hrs and 14 mins

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The Raptors’ story is an underdog story—and the same is true for their greatest superfan. This instant #1 bestselling memoir offers a courtside view into the extraordinary life of Nav Bhatia.

You know him as the Raptors Superfan, but Nav Bhatia’s story is bigger than basketball.

Nav immigrated to Canada from India after experiencing many hardships—only to face a host of new challenges. Life as an immigrant was gruelling and grey . . . and then, a new basketball team came to town. As Nav cheered on the Toronto Raptors at game after game, as they lost, as they won, on the good days and the bad, he discovered inspiration and community in the greatest game on Earth, formed life-long bonds with many of the best players the sport has ever known, and solidified his own place in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In this memoir, Nav shares his incredible personal story of triumphing over adversity, as well as the lessons that propelled him to success in all facets of life: as an entrepreneur, movie producer, humanitarian, son, father and husband, and the Raptors’ most dedicated supporter. And woven throughout the book are intimate, colourful behind-the-scenes stories about the Raptors—from their very first game in 1995 to their 2019 Championship win, and beyond—that only the Superfan could know.

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