The Hidden Girl and Other Stories

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Ken Liu

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Ramón de Ocampo, Cindy Kay, Michael Kramer, Nancy Wu, Emily Woo Zeller


14 hrs and 51 mins

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Audiobook Summary

“I know this is going to sound hyperbolic, but when I’m reading Ken Liu’s stories, I feel like I’m reading a once-in-a-generation talent. I’m in awe.” (Jamie Ford, New York Times best-selling author)

“Captivating.” (BuzzFeed)

“Extraordinary.” (The Washington Post)

“Brilliant.” (The Chicago Tribune)

With the release of The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories, Ken Liu’s short fiction has resonated with a generation of listeners.

From stories about time-traveling assassins, to Black Mirror-esque tales of cryptocurrency and internet trolling, to heartbreaking narratives of parent-child relationships, The Hidden Girl and Other Stories is a far-reaching work that explores topical themes from the present and a visionary look at humanity’s future.

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