The Lusitania’s Last Voyage

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Charles E. Lauriat

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Richard T. Holt


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The torpedoing of the Lusitania was a pivotal moment in the course of the First World War, as it triggered the entry of the United States into the war. But this incident is often overshadowed by the larger historical theatre of the Great War.

Charles E. Lauriant, Jr. was a passenger on the fateful final voyage of the Lusitania and survived to tell the tale. Few accounts concentrate on the actual event itself, but this memoir changes that perception as it is a firsthand account from a survivor of the incident. Published in 1915,  the same year as the sinking, this account describes the days on the ship before and during the attack and clearly depicts the horrors of war at sea.

This edition has a new introduction which looks at the importance of the sinking of the Lusitania. Charles E. Lauriant, Jr. was a Bostonian bookseller who became a hero when escaping the Lusitania. Listen to his harrowing account and important historical document now

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