The Owner’s Manual to Life

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Michael Zajaczkowski

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Michael Zajaczkowski


6 hrs and 11 mins

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In this instant classic self-help guide, author Michael Z. gives us all the “missing life” manual we need to live happier, less stressful lives.

This inspirational guide provides you with 100 practical, often lighthearted, and immediately useful tips, strategies, and techniques to help you reduce stress and anxiety, and to discover the sense of peace and happiness you’ve been looking for. You’ll learn how to: trust yourself and live life more confidently; deal with feelings of resentment or anger toward others; set healthy boundaries around family members and in relationships; find the opportunities in unexpected setbacks; deal with difficult people; listen to your inner voice and make choices that are right for you; and find the joy in the little things in life and live with more gratitude and serenity.

Using Michael Z’s gentle suggestions will help you live more gracefully, more mindfully, and with an increased awareness of and appreciation for the joy that is available to you whenever you slow down to see it. Having this inspiring book with you as you go through life’s journey will help smooth out the bumps in the road you encounter, turning the peaks and valleys you may experience now into gentle rolling hills. You can live a kinder and gentler life, and this kind and meaningful book shows you how.

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