The Revenue Accelerator

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Allan Colman

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Walter Brown


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“Dr. Allan Colman has hit the nail on the head…”

—Steven M. Venokur, Founder and Managing Partner of People Sciences, Inc.

Is your start-up feeling stuck in the starting blocks? Or are you finding it a struggle to pick up speed?

Written by acclaimed entrepreneur, instructor, and author Dr. Allan Colman, The Revenue Accelerator: The 21 Boosters to Launch Your Start-Up is the true companion guide for new and intermediate entrepreneurs to prosper through their early stages of development.

Dr. Colman equips listeners to easily navigate around the most pervasive problems start-up entrepreneurs experience when making the leap from building their product or service to selling it. Far too often, startups invest so much of their hard-earned energy and capital into developing their offering that they are left with scarce resources to architect a successful plan for financing, marketing, and selling it.

The Revenue Accelerator provides a engine check on statistics that directly impact startups and the landscape that they now face.

With such a mass-exodus from the workforce, it is inevitable that the world is about to see an enormous increase in new entrepreneurs. Many of these aspirational entrepreneurs are destined for a rocky road of high risk and unproven outcomes, without being effectively informed as to what lies beyond the horizon.

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