The Sacred Chain

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Jim Stump

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Jim Stump


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A thought-provoking and eye-opening work by Jim Stump, Vice President at BioLogos and host of the Language of God podcast,offering a compelling argument about how evolution does not have to be at odds with faith, but can actually enrich and deepen it.

In this moving and deeply thoughtful book, Jim Stump takes listeners with him on his journey to understanding evolution and reconciling it with his faith. The Sacred Chain draws on philosophy, theology, and the latest scientific research to tackle some of the biggest questions facing humanity and people of faith today, such as:

Deeply researched and a delight to listen to, The Sacred Chain provides clarity in our uncertain times, revealing a bigger picture of our world and our place within it. It is a panorama consistent with the scientific findings about who we are and where we come from that can actually bolster our faith as it engages our curiosity about ourselves, our universe, and the nature of existence itself.

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