Think This, Not That

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Dr. Josh Axe

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Josh Axe, Jon Gordon, Donald Miller, Erwin McManus, Dave Ramsey, Rebekah Lyons, Shade Zahrai, Rob Dial, Greg McKeown, Hal Elrod, John Delony


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Unlock your potential by cultivating self-awareness and curating a fulfilling life full of self-improvement, emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset. Leadership expert and entrepreneur Dr. Josh Axe teaches 12 revolutionary mindshift transformations to beat the grind and reach the life you’ve always wanted. Redefine success and replace the limiting beliefs of yourself with the healthy mental toughness to think this, not that.

Perhaps you’re busy but still feel empty. Maybe things haven’t turned out how you’d hoped, and life seems stale and unfulfilling. What if you could wake up every morning excited about your purpose, knowing you’re fulfilling your greatest potential?

A more meaningful life is within your reach, and it starts in one place: your mind.

Living with a mindset of false narratives will keep you stuck, locked in a prison of unpursued dreams and goals. But cultivating a new mindset based on what is actually true will set you free—free to start exploring and growing beyond the limits you thought you had.

In Think This, Not That, Dr. Josh Axe unpacks the top twelve mental barriers holding people back from realizing their potential and becoming the greatest version of themselves, and contrasts each one with a new empowering mindset, such as:

Whether you want to improve your physical or financial health, raise the quality of your relationships, or take your career to new heights, these mindshifts will help transform your life.

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