Way of Light

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J.N. Chaney, M.F. Lerma

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Neill Thorne


8 hrs and 42 mins

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Home at last.

Cole and his crew have finally made it back to the Sol System, but that doesn’t mean their work is done. The key to stopping Noth lies somewhere in human space, and the former Renegade aims to find it.

Unfortunately, dissension is brewing.

Fueled by greed and the desire to expand their territories once again through open conflict, a group calling themselves the Separatists are plotting an insurrection. They threaten to destroy humanity’s hard-won peace by dividing the united factions and restoring disorder to the galaxy.

It should be an issue for the government to handle. Cole has bigger problems to deal with, like a nightmare god, who has his sights set on those he blames for an unjust imprisonment. After facing off with powerful enemies in faraway galaxies, human conflict is nothing, and Cole figures this last job will be a piece of cake.

But, as any Renegade knows, it’s never that easy.

Sometimes, a man looks around and sees humans, but no humanity. Despite all the lessons learned, it becomes clear that the enemy will do anything to win. Violence begets violence, but the path to light is often shrouded in darkness.

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