Wise Confidence

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Giovanni Dienstmann

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Jay Myers


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“A road map to self-empowerment, illuminating the journey from self-doubt to authenticity. The book’s unique blend of psychology, spirituality, and personal growth creates a comprehensive guide for building lasting self-assurance.”—David A. Treleaven, PhD, author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

Imagine you had total confidence in yourself, in all areas of your life. We all want to believe in ourselves to the fullest—yet in a culture that confuses bravado, delusion, and narcissism with self-confidence, it’s no wonder we subconsciously internalize a limiting identity defined by fear and doubt. “My goal is to show you a different approach to confidence,” says Giovanni Dienstmann. “Not based on arrogance, but integrity, rooted in a fully integrated, energized, and unwavering faith in yourself. I call this wise confidence.”

With Wise Confidence, this expert teacher and life coach brings together lessons and research from psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and mindfulness into a practical framework for genuine self-belief and inner strength. Here you’ll discover:

• Three pillars of self-confidence: Aspiration, Awareness, Action

• Finding the best in you—getting clear about your strengths, weaknesses, and vision of who you want to be

• Practices for releasing negative emotions, embodying self-confidence, facing fear, and more

• Guidance for cultivating authentic relationships and setting boundaries

• The four spiritual principles that support connection, optimism, and a sense of purpose

• Dozens of exercises, meditations, and powerful awareness tools for developing a new self-image with limitless potential

“So many of us labor under a mistaken idea about who we are and what we are capable of,” teaches Dienstmann. “Wise confidence is a skill that can be learned—a skill that you can learn. Though the journey can be challenging, the only requirements are a deep desire to change and a willingness to take ownership of your healing, growth, and purpose. It is time to reclaim your power—and your true self.”

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