100th Run, Book One

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Daniel Thomas May


12 hrs and 6 mins

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He’s got 99 problems, and an extra time loop ain’t one….

The world is devolving into chaos as a game-like system has reduced the population to a series of statistics and screens.

Confusion reigns as everyone struggles to survive in this new reality. Everyone but one man. Anthony Franklin has a secret. One that gives him an edge. He has lived through this exact series of events…99 times in a row.

Anthony needs to take advantage of all he accomplished over his past runs—every play, shortcut, and strategy—to save as many lives as possible by the end. He must contend with vicious boss monsters, elude the oppressive surveillance eyes of the system administrators, and watch his back when dealing with the scheming players who want the game to go their way no matter the cost.

In a world where every individual has their own goals, dreams, and fears, shepherding them won’t be easy. Anthony must use all of his considerable experience to gain a powerful class, put the frightened populace on the right track, and take out threats before they become too big. There will be no more chances; win or lose, his 100th run shall be his last.

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