A Place to Die

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Mike Lunnon-Wood

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Richard Linford


9 hrs and 27 mins

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Zimbabwe, 1981. An airliner crashes killing nearly everyone on board.

Among a handful of survivors, former Special Branch officer Max Seager quickly realises that it was no accident—and that no one can be left alive.

But as the army patrol dispatched to complete the massacre soon learns to its cost, Max was no ordinary policeman.

Part detective, part soldier, his formidable skills were honed during a brutal civil war, and the lives of the small party of fellow passengers in his care now depend on him.

To reach safety, he must guide them across hundreds of miles of hostile wilderness on foot.

Few know the Zimbabwean bush like Max, but, pursued by a ruthless and determined enemy, he will need every ounce of courage, resourcefulness, and hard-won expertise just to keep his little band alive. Let alone figure out why someone wanted them dead in the first place….

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