A Real Leader: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy

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Heath Miller


10 hrs and 8 mins

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The action-packed series continues as a young man unwillingly saddled with a Werewolf System attempts to live his life—without killing too many people . . .

Not long ago, Gary was just another punk teenager living in a ramshackle house in a bad part of a ramshackle town. To survive, he worked as a gofer for a brutal street gang—until a simple job went bad, and he ended up paired with a Werewolf System that enhanced his strength, stamina, and attitude.

But as Gary soon learned, this gift could also be a curse, costing anyone who got too close their life. Now, he’s trying to figure out how to use his system to make things better for those around him. Unfortunately, before things get better, they’re going to get much, much worse.

Because Gary isn’t the only werewolf roaming the streets. And he’s not necessarily the strongest. And his rivals belong to gangs that would be more than happy to put him down like a mad dog. His only hope is to level up, man up, and let his killer instinct take over.

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