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“If you’re looking to get still, turn inward, and learn to trust your voice, this is the book for you.”—Alexandra Elle, New York Times bestselling author of How We Heal

“The seasons and cycles of nature have incredible power to affect everything in our lives—especially our creativity,” says poet Jacqueline Suskin. “The Earth shows us when our creative reserves might wax and wane. When we listen and follow nature’s lead, we tune in to an inexhaustible source of imagination, inspiration, and beauty.” With A Year in Practice, this inspiring teacher shares holistic practices to help creatives of all sorts access the limitless potential that flows with the rhythms of nature.

Set in sync with the progression of the seasons, A Year in Practice is a program of techniques and journaling prompts to guide the creative seeker all year long. Four seasonally themed chapters keep you connected to natural phases of creative contraction and expansion:

• Winter invites restoration so you can come back to your craft with renewed energy

• Spring is a time of balance, focusing on the magic of emergence while embodying discretion

• Summer is the season of togetherness, instilling confidence to bring our creations into the light

• Autumn asks us to turn back toward ourselves as we prepare for another winter of introspection

Used regularly, you will move through creative blocks, deepen your capacity for self-reflection, expand imaginative growth, and find new levels of inspiration and contentment.

“It’s crucial that we spend time dreaming, crafting, and resting in a state of reverie,” says Suskin. Here she offers practical tools and creative customs to help you tune in to the energies of each season—to enrich your creativity through playfulness, emotional expression, explorative whimsy, and ever-deepening levels of imagination.

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