Alpha Warlock Academy

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Noah Layton

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Erin Bateman, Matt Hicks


11 hrs and 5 mins

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605 MB

Audiobook Summary

I was just a normal guy making his way in the big city—until I found myself transported to another world to train at the Alpha Warlock Academy.

Not only do they want me among their ranks, but they want me to train among the most powerful of warlocks at the Academy.

I’ve got a lot on my plate: cramming spells, training for combat, and trying not to get myself killed during my initial challenges. Fortunately, I’ve also got plenty of friends to help me out, including my hobgoblin neighbor and the smooth-talking genie across the hall. And as an exceptionally powerful warlock, let’s just say that more than one of the Academy’s beautiful members has her eyes on me.

As an Alpha Warlock, I’m also bound to a super-powerful artifact. And this weird object? It keeps making strange sounds, even though nobody else’s does. And the energy contained inside? I’m about to find out just how powerful it really is…

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