Any Given Tuesday

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Lis Smith

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Jean Ann Douglass


10 hrs and 33 mins

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A rollicking, irreverent look behind the scenes of the wild world of American politics from one of the most sought-after operatives in the Democratic Party.

Lis Smith isn’t your average political strategist, and Any Given Tuesday isn’t your typical political memoir. At once a revealing look at human nature at the highest levels of power and an intimate portrayal of a sometimes rocky personal journey, it breaks all the rules. Smith doesn’t pretend to be perfect—she owns the controversial choices that landed her on the cover of tabloids, as well as the unorthodox ones that have paid off and defined her successful career.

Any Given Tuesday follows Smith from her earliest experiences as a wide-eyed intern sleeping in her car to her days as a trusted adviser and confidante to some of the most high-profile politicians in the country—including her star turn as senior adviser on Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign. Animated by Smith’s love for the hand-to-hand combat of politics and sustained by her deeply held belief that it’s still possible to effect positive change, it’s an odyssey full of highs and lows and larger-than-life characters. Throughout, Smith shows what it’s really like behind the curtain: what happens when the lights go down and the cameras turn off, how it feels to be in the eye of the political media storm, and how the people responsible for heady life-and-death decisions are as flawed as the rest of us.

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