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Mitchell Hogan

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Michael Kramer


21 hrs and 26 mins

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The final conflict draws nigh as demonic, necromantic, and human forces collide, and the fate of civilization hangs in the balance….

With the Order knights of Branil’s Burg defeated, the victorious Niyandrian rebels bend the knee to Anskar, their Melesh-Eloni—“godling”—and the true heir to the throne.

But despite their victory, time is running out. Anskar’s powers are unpredictable, and to some, terrifying. Already, the mainlanders plan vengeance: An armada is being prepared, not for colonization this time, but for slaughter.

And the ever-looming spirit of Queen Talia still seeks to return from the dead to begin a new necromantic empire, with her as the ever-living ruler.

As war looms, and the people of Niyas face certain destruction, Anskar’s heritage of demon blood and necromancy swells within him. But there are forces greater even than those of the sorcerous tides…. Soon he will wield enough power to save a civilization or doom an entire world.

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