Atomic Actions

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Michael Pedersen

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Robert Plank


11 hrs and 29 mins

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Dive into “Atomic Actions” for an unfiltered personal development and self-growth approach. Peak Performance Coach Michael Pedersen has decades of experience and knowledge on this topic. This book focuses on overcoming barriers to decisiveness, equipping you with strategies and processes for success. This self-help book is a comprehensive guide to becoming an “action-taker” in life. Your confidence and self-belief will skyrocket, resulting in success in all facets of your life.

Reading this book, you will…

Envision a life of decisive actions leading you towards your dreams. “Atomic Actions” is your guide to this life. It provides a clear path to personal achievement. This self-improvement book will transform your potential into reality with each decision you make. As a bonus, become part of the movement of Action Takers at

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